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Energetic Blocks

A block can exist on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.  It refers to any condition where the energy is not flowing freely and is creating a symptom or illness.  When our energetic pathways are clear and flowing we experience a sense of well-being and health.

We have two directional streams of energy flowing through the vertical current of our being: one moving from the physical level toward the level of spirit/intention; the other from the level of intention toward the physical.  A block that is first discovered on one level may very well have its root on another.  Therefore, to truly heal from a symptom or illness the root cause must be healed.  In our western culture we are too quick to presume that a physical symptom has its root on the physical level.  Though, as stated above, this is possible (as in a headache arising from breathing in toxic fumes for hours), often a physical block has its root as deep as the level of intention, attitude or belief.  For example, a negative or untrue intention or belief leads to negative thoughts, which lead to negative emotions, which lead to a physical symptom.  In a case such as this, there is a block existing on every level.

…But when we have worked at healing ourselves we can eventually reach the point of living from conscious, positive intention.  We are able to create our lives with purpose, according to our deepest longings.

Below are examples of blocks that can occur within different aspects of the human being.

Type of Block

How it can manifest


A physical symptom or illness, such as:



back pain

heart disease


So-called “negative” emotions that become long-term or habitual, such as:






Habitual negative thoughts or beliefs, such as:


“I’m not good enough”

“I’ll always be poor”

“I’ll never find the love relationship I want”


Until we have healed old wounds and grown in consciousness, we often live by unconscious, negative intentions and  fears that create chaos and dis-ease in our lives, such as:


“I don’t want to be abandoned by him/her, so I’m going to hang on more tightly” (common result: creation of the fear – abandonment)


“I’m terrified of losing my identity in a relationship, so I’m going to create more and more distance and separation” (common result: partner holds onto you more tightly until the fear comes true – feeling suffocated)


“I’m not worthy of success, so I’m going to prevent it from happening” (common result: make mistakes on the job that lead to loss of business and thus prevent success)

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