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Lateness and Cancellation

Out of honor and respect for each client, the time set aside for your session cannot be extended in the event of late arrival.  Appointments may be rescheduled or canceled at no charge if done prior to 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time.  If changes or cancellations are made within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment you will be billed for 50% of your session ($50), as this is a time slot that could have otherwise been used to help someone else. If a check is returned you will be billed for the insufficient fund fee plus an additional $25. 

Modern Healing Promise if No Benefit

If absolutely no benefit is experienced within 24 hours following your first session you'll receive a 100% refund.  Please note, the following are considered clear benefits:

Noticeably increased relaxation.  This is a clear indication of the "relaxation response" which initiates the healing process on multiple levels.

An emotional release of any kind, such as anxiety, self-doubt, anger, or tears.  This is a common indication of the clearing of an energetic block and is thus part of the healing process.

Feeling tired.  This is also a common reaction to energy healing immediately following a session and in the following 24 hours.  It indicates the body is readjusting to the moving and rebalancing of energy.

This promise applies only to your first session.

Confidentiality/Client Rights

I consider it an honor each time someone reveals their soul to me.  Your experiences during our sessions are strictly confidential, and you have a right to view your files upon written request.  Confidentiality is subject to the following exceptions:


You may instruct me to release information to other health care practitioners in writing.


I may release information if subpoenaed or otherwise legally obligated or reasonably allowed to do so (including circumstances where there is clear and imminent danger to yourself or another person).


Your confidential personal file is kept in a secure location and is retained for 7 years after you suspend services after which time all information will be destroyed in a proper manner.


Your confidentiality is always subject to the usual exclusions dictated by state and federal laws and regulations.


All information pertaining to minors will be released to their parents or legal guardians upon their written request, unless it would adversely affect the therapeutic process.  The adult accompanying a minor and the parents (or guardians of the minor) are responsible for full payment of the professional fees.  In divorce situations, the parent who brings the child to the appointment is responsible for payment of charges regardless of any provision in a divorce decree.  If payment responsibility issues exist, they must be resolved between the parents.

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