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Private Energy Therapy Sessions

One Hour

Discussion & Goals


Treatment: Relax & Enjoy


Discussion & Plan

I see you as a unique, multidimensional being.  Your well-being is an interconnected web of what is going on inside and around you, and my role as an energy therapist is to support you in your self-healing.

Distance healing via phone or Facetime and in-person sessions are all equally effective.  A private healing session (one hour) begins with a discussion of your current stresses or discomforts. Intuitive guidance may prompt me to gently ask questions that may point more clearly to the root of your concern. We agree on short and long-term goals for your healing.

After an assessment of your energy field I'll choose specific energy therapy techniques that best suit your needs.  I’ll proceed to clear energy blocks, charge depleted areas, and balance the chakras. This may include light physical touch or hand motions above the body. You’ll likely experience the relaxation response during the session and perhaps even fall asleep.

A feedback discussion will follow. People have different responses to energy therapy as the healing is taking place and in the following days. While some clients feel nothing at all, others describe sensations of moving energy, deep relaxation, or visions of images and colors. Many people experience an emotional release such as tears or anger, or have what they consider to be a spiritual experience or insight into specific areas of their lives. It is common to temporarily feel tired afterward, though some may feel energized.

My practice of energy healing is a partnered approach to healing, not a passive one, so it is important that you work with various self-support tools between sessions.  Together we’ll come up with tools best suited for you.

Referrals are also a routine aspect of my work.  If I feel a medical doctor or another type of complementary medicine practitioner might do well to support your specific needs and our work together, or if I feel I am unable to help you with the type of work I do, I will refer you to one of the many professionals within my local network.

Regardless of the presenting complaint, it takes time to identify habitual energetic patterns.  For energy therapy to be effective in changing an old compromised pattern to one that creates well-being at least a few sessions are generally needed. I offer discounts on session packages to help you save money and encourage you to commit to your long-term healing goals.

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Holistic Health Workshops


Join us for a relaxed and fun time to learn, grow, and meet new like-minded people.  Modern Healing offers periodic intimate presentations, workshops or other events on various topics such as an in-depth look at the chakras, intuition, manifesting, energetic dynamics in relationships, the mind-body connection, and tools for self-healing.  Events vary in price and some are free.

Events are temporarily paused. 

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