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“Heather Porter's healing methods go well beyond her physical energy work.  She has been able to free me from believing that I have an incurable condition requiring the use of conventional therapies.  Through energy work and old fashioned listening, she has been able to provide me with therapy and advice that enabled me to reveal the true root cause of my disease.  This deep understanding allowed me to feel uplifted.  It was through this energy work that I truly embarked on the healing process.  It has been over one year and my health has improved significantly both physically and mentally.  Very often, I think to myself that Heather Porter is the conduit of my successful remission.”

— J.B., MD, New York, NY

"When I started the energy healing with Heather, I was a hot mess, living in a negative environment and holding onto old pattern beliefs that were not taking me anywhere. I must say that what I experience in and after each session is incredible. Heather’s healing touch has helped me get back on my feet. I felt an extreme peace within myself and the universe and she has changed my life for the better. I cannot thank her enough and I’d recommend her to anyone who’s seeking a change in their lives. Heather is the only one who could help me reduce my anxiety to a level that no therapy has ever done for me and open myself to the infinite power of the universe and the fire within. She is kind, down to earth and cares about her client’s well-being."

— M.Z., Greenwich, CT

[Chose to go off anti-depressant, with doctor’s permission, after two energy therapy sessions:]


“Looking back I was really in a dark hole and I was feeling helpless and hopeless.  Now I feel like I am starting to climb out of that hole, which is very positive.  Thanks to you! You’ve been so helpful and I really appreciate it.  I am so grateful for you!”

— S.H., Greenwich, CT

[Distance healing client:]

"With Sincere Gratitude...


I write this as someone who, though open to the concept, definitely went

into my first energy healing session with Heather two years ago with skepticism.


At the time, I had recently begun experiencing SEVERE anxiety, so severe that I had had to take a leave of absence from my dream job. I could not function. There were times that my anxiety was so severe that I was literally paralyzed, unable to move for hours at a time. Although I was under psychiatric care at the time, my MD said that he could offer nothing beyond the anxiety medications I was already on (which were having no effect whatsoever on my anxiety).


I sought help from my ob/gyn, thinking that maybe I was having a breakdown due to premenopausal hormonal changes. But I was told that my symptoms were too severe to be accounted for by any degree of hormonal imbalance, and that there was nothing she could offer to help.


So I sought out the most well-respected psychiatrist in the region. He prescribed different anti-anxiety medications, to no avail, then told me that there was nothing more he could do.


I turned to drinking alcohol along with my medications, but even that didn't ease my debilitating anxiety. I became hopeless.


It was at that point that I had my first energy work session with Heather. The immediate result was nothing short of a miracle. I left the very first session feeling more relaxed than I had been in many months, to the point where I didn't even feel the need for my anxiety medication. Heather did for me what no doctor, no medication, had been able to do. And for that I will forever be grateful.


I am now a true believer in - and a living example of - the power and effectiveness of

energy healing."

— H.P., RN, Tampa, FL

"Heather's energy healing has been a godsend for me while suffering the symptoms of spontaneous kundalini release such as temporary leg paralysis due to blocked energy in the spine.  It is nice to have a professional healer with a gift for energy work to reliably balance my chakras - something that would take significant money and hours of my time to learn how to do myself.  After a session with Heather, I can feel the natural flow of energy as it should be, and it always leaves me refreshed after achieving an altered state of deep relaxation."

— Alan Lorenzo, Stamford, CT

"I enjoyed meeting with you last Saturday and felt you were very warm and thought your space was beautiful!   It definitely felt like a safe, relaxing and positive environment.  I look forward to working with you again in the future!"

— Gina, White Plains, NY

“I had been feeling like I had lost myself in a way. I have a great job, great friends and a wonderful family, but something was off. I wasn't feeling like my typical happy self and wasn't getting the joy from my hobbies, like I normally do. I wanted to gain a more spiritual connection to myself, those around me and Mother Nature.


I spoke with Heather, who introduced me to Healing Touch. She has taught me about so many interesting things: chakras, my energy field, she teaches me about holistic medicine and self-care practices. I feel that I can be very open and honest with Heather. I feel that Healing Touch has really improved my well-being overall!”

— G.C., Greenwich, CT

"Heather is a well-informed strong woman. She is confident in her craft and if she is confident that you will benefit from the sessions she will let you know and if not she will let you know also.  The few sessions I had I felt a strong energy flow around me and had a good feeling afterward."


— Jon, Greenwich, CT

"...Somehow I see your article in this magazine Natural Awakenings on ADD and 'safety, safety, safety'.  83 years old, and did you speak to me...there's so much healing in it.  ...  I just wanted to let you know from an 83 year old you described the child so well.  Thank you, Heather, for what you wrote.  It was all so just for me.  I thank you.  I'm so grateful."

— Pat Gauvaine, Port Chester, NY

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